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Waiting list: measure and adjust the pH like a cosmetic chemist

Waiting list: self-preserving masks

Waiting list : 3 weeks formulation challenge

Masterclass: All you need to know about pH
In this  masterclass we discuss:The importance of pH in cosmetic formulationsWhy pH is specially important in "natural" cosmeticsHow to measure and adjust the pHHow to incorporate pH measurement in your GMPFree for membersThis is the access to the replay of the live class

Masterclass: emulsion stability
Attend the live masterclass on July 25th or access the replayIn this masterclass we will discuss factors affecting the emulsion stability and how you can avoid frustration and waste of material by creating stable emulsionsTopics:Emulsion typesFactors affecting the stability of emulsionsHow to Avoid Emulsion Stability Issues - Destabilization Mechanisms Brief introduction to stability testingMixers and homogenizersFree for members

Masterclass: How to guesstimate the shelf-life of your products
In this video masterclass we discuss:What is the difference between the expiry date and the best before date?Which factors affect the shelf-life of the product?What is an accelerated test and what is a real-time test and what is the relation between them?How to define the shelf-life of each product?What are the legal requirements in the EU?This is access to the recorded live class  (inclusive Q&A)free for members

Masterclass: Polar and nonpolar oils
In this video masterclass we discuss:Which oils are polar and which ones are non-polar?What is the impact of oil polarity on cosmetic formulations?How to blend polar and non-polar oils to optimize product stability, texture and performance?Free for membersThis is the access to the replay of the live class inclusive Q&A