Guest seat at a mastermind meeting

Product information "Guest seat at a mastermind meeting"

Take a guest seat at one of our legendary virtual mastermind meeting without becoming a member

During these mastermind meetings every present members gets at least one round to ask a burning questions.

The questions are answered by other members, Elham or a guest expert that attends the meeting.

Tens of new ideas are already born from these meetings and hundres of problems have been solved so far.

Take a seat and ask your burning question or just listen and learn from the questions of the other participants.

This is a virtual live meeting. There will be no replay. Our meetings are usually on the last Thursday of each month @6:00 PM Berlin time

You can postpone your participation once by informing us latest 24 hours before the meeting starts. If you miss the meeting without informing us in advance you will not receive any refunds nor a

second appointment.

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